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100,000 people are waiting for a kidney transplant. Dustin Rippetoe, a member of the A.C.W.A. family, in Oklahoma is one of them.

He is a 42 year-old father, husband and entrepreneur who loves fitness, mentorship, and leadership.  He has dedicated 17 years of his life learning, teaching and training individuals and communities around the world on peak mind and body performance.

Dustin was born with a genetic predisposition for an autoimmune disorder that has manifested about 20 years ago.  10 years ago it started attacking his kidneys.  

His GOAL is to watch his 4 year-old son grow up.

HIS DREAM is to be healthy and apply his 17 years of fitness training and develop an online training group and curate like-minded people who believe in up-leveling their life.

Dustin is giving it all he's got .... asking for support is hard... but he is worth receiving as much as he has given to others.*

How We Can Help

Give financially to help cover his family's and the donor’s family’s living and health expenses.

*Update: Thanks to a selfless act, Dustin received a new kidney June 24, 2019. Recipient and donor have been released from the hospital and are recovering nicely.