Tired?  Anxious?  Limited mobility?  Let us help! Using principles and mechanics from A.C.W.A. reality-based self defense, an instructor will guide you through awareness, following your breath, and the importance of visualization.  You will leave feeling refreshed, invigorated, and empowered.

This is a fantastic practice for reducing anxiety, gaining flexibility and balance, and increasing overall awareness. Great for stressed out adults and teens, Veterans adjusting back to civilian life, and aging adults wanting to improve their memory.

The view from the A.C.W.A. Tulsa branch located on the Riverwalk in Jenks, OK.

Drawing on 40+ years combined experience in the Natural Movement world, the Slow Flow Movement Awareness Pyramid (the “MAP”) was developed by instructors at the A.C.W.A. Tulsa branch. The MAP utilizes principles in A.C.W.A. Combatives to explore our movement. The most challenging part probably will be to slow down and be mindful of how your breath connects with your movement. This sequence is called a practice for a reason – it is something you will practice and continue to improve with each subsequent experience. Sound is like a thief - it steals the tension away from your body. Make your breath loud.

“When your thoughts get loud, make your breath louder.” -Kate Doden

All sessions includes a 40-minute lesson on movement and breath work followed by a 20-minute active slow flow session.

Set aside time for yourself to practice patience, balance, and mindfulness.  Similar to tai chi, this meditative flow features combatives movements and various breathing techniques to build mindfulness, balance, and stress relief. An instructor will guide you through following your breath and the importance of visualization.  You will leave feeling refreshed and invigorated.

Individual and group pricing (up to 15 people) available. For pricing information, call or email us directly at 469.576.2963 or You are also welcome to fill out the form below.

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