Destiny is very authentic, genuine, caring and passionate about the people in her life. I’m proud she is doing this. Great job Destiny.

-Chadd Kawata

I highly recommend my combatives sister Destiny, she has real-world experience and skill sets.

-Sakhu Jay Mesura-el

I have trained, and trained with Destiny for quite some time. Her journey with our ACWA family has become a burning passion of hers. Also a school teacher, her drive to educate others is a force unto itself. Her evolution stepping out and teaching others to be safe is only paralleled by her own desire to learn more and continue the teaching cycle of getting people home safe.

-Eric Nelson

Destiny is a true survivor and a beautiful soul.

-Tania Mathews

Destiny has worked very hard to achieve her certification. You will benefit from her dedication

-Victoria Waldrep

When to Defend Your Destiny?-Always

Who should Defend Your Destiny?-You

Why Defend Your Destiny?-You deserve to work with the best; that’s Destiny

How to Defend Your Destiny?-Call Destiny

What is Defend Your Destiny?-Pure Awesomeness

Where to Defend Your Destiny?

-Drew Irwin