The companies listed below impacted Destiny in a positive way, influencing her to start Defend Your Destiny. A.C.W.A. instilled confidence, practical skills, and a sense of purpose while Lipstick & Lunges provided physical and nutritional advice for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


A.C.W.A. is a non-sport, reality-based self defense system designed to answer the problems we face in today’s world. We provide intelligent solutions for dealing with and extricating from violent situations in as an efficient manner as possible.

Lipstick & Lunges

Lauren Davenport, an online health and fitness coach, helps women ditch the dine-out diet and finally see results without sacrificing a social life.

We Yogis

At We Yogis®, we aim to provide a non-intimidating yoga environment where there is no comparison, no judgement, and no expectations. As such, yogis are encouraged to practice at their pace and level of comfort. After all, it's your practice, your fitness goals, and your yoga journey. We seeks to provide the surroundings, instruction, community, and inspiration to best move you along the path to a better you.


The influencers below are services supported and recommended by Defend Your Destiny.

Dustin Rippetoe

Welcome! This is the virtual home for the human potential coaching services of Dustin Rippetoe. I am a coach & consultant; I serve small business owners, entrepreneurs and mid-career professionals by guiding them in the optimization of their personal and work life. I am devoted to building a strengths-based world. I became a Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach to help the world focus on what is right with people.

Nutritious Movement

A whole-body movement program developed by Katy Bowman that utilizes exercises, alignment adjustments, and habitat (lifestyle) changes to better move all trillion of your body's parts.